Chinese National Academy of Governance (CAG) Commences Executive Training Programme for Civil Servants 2019

December 02, 2019

A three-day Executive training program for Civil Servants of Maldives was commenced at the Civil Service Commission on 25th November 2019.  The opening ceremony of this training was inaugurated by the President of Civil Service Commission, Dr Aly Shameem. This training program was held from 25th November to 27th November 2019.  This program is held under the capacity building component of the Civil Servants of Maldives with the assistance from Chinese National Academy of Governance (CAG). A total of 11 delegates from CAG visited Civil Service Commission.
The training was targeted to Permanent Secretaries and Civil Servants of different Ministries and Organizations. More than 80 trainees participated in this 3-day Training Program. The first day of the training program was targeted to Supervisory level civil servants and second day was targeted to Permanent Secretaries and the third day training program was targeted to Director General level civil servants from different Civil Service Organisations. The programme will focus on enabling the participants to gain requisite knowledge and skills in the area of field administration. The programme integrates cross-country experiences and best practices in field administration and good governance.
On the 28th November, a cultural event was held in civil service commission for the 11 member delegates of CAG. Artefacts and traditional tools were on display, transforming dedicated areas into a small Maldivian village which showcase relicts from the olden days. The delegation also got to experience some local cuisines whilst enjoying  some traditional music and dance.

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