September 29, 2019

A 29- member Maldivian delegation completes a two-week training program organised by National Centre for Good Governance (NCGG) in India. The training in field administration for civil servants of Maldives was conducted from September 16 to 28 in Mussoorie, India. The Maldivian delegation included 29 senior officials from ministries, city councils, hospitals, schools and other civil service organizations.
This training programme is the first training conducted under a Memorandum of Understanding on Training and Capacity Building Programme between the National Centre for Good Governance (NCGG) and the Maldives Civil Service Commission (CSC) signed during the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Male’ in June this year. The inaugural session of the training program took place on September 16 and was chaired by K.V. Eapen, Secretary of DARPG, Ms. Fatimath Amira, Member of Civil Services Commission and V. Srinivas, Additional Secretary of DARPG.
During the week long training held in Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) the participants attended seminars ranging from Public Policy, Good Governance, E-governance, Leadership and Communication.

Participants also visited the Unique Identification Authority, Passport Sewa Kendra and Election Commission of India to gain knowledge about the administrative systems of India. To immerse in the rich and historical culture of India, participants further visited the Taj Mahal and other historical heritage sites in Delhi.
Chairman of Civil Service Commission, Dr. Aly Shameem also attended the training programme from 20 to 28 September. During the visit Dr. Aly Shameem met with several counterparts in India to seek opportunities for civil servants and further the bilateral relationship with India and Maldives.

Dr. Aly Shameem met with the Secretary of DARPG, K. V. Eapen and discussed ways of collaboration and avenues of cooperation between the Civil Service Commission and NCGG. During the meeting they discussed on organising conferences on E-governance and Good Governance for civil servants of the Maldives. Chairman of CSC, Dr. Shameem also met with the president of South Asian University in Delhi, Dr. Kavita. A Sharma. Dr. Kavita. A. Sharma mentioned that the Maldives is also a co-founder of the University and eagerly seeks active participation from Maldivians in the university. Furthermore, both the parties discussed about signing an MoU where both parties could develop the bilateral collaboration and underlined the requirement for making the visit productive and result-situated.
A meeting was also held with the chairman of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) of India, Mr. Arvind Saxena in UPSC where both the parties discussed about the potential academic partnerships between India and Maldives for the development of the Maldives. During the meeting both the parties agreed on signing an MoU in order to offer more capacity building training programs for civil servants of the Maldives. A draft of the MoU was presented to the Chairman of UPSC by CSC.
The closing ceremony of the two-week training programme was held in 28th September in LBSNAA. The certificates were given away to the participants by the guest of honour Minister of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Mr. Jeetendra Singh. The closing ceremony was also attended by the Ambassador to India from Maldives, Hon. Aishath Mohammed Didi along with the Chairman of CSC, Dr. Aly Shameem.

Overall, the participants highlighted on the meaningful knowledge and the opportunity to further their experience on knowledge from a top tier institute. The well balanced lectures and site visits gave the participants the opportunity to build close relationship with Indian counterparts.

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