Civil Service Commission President participates at opening event of Huvadhoo Atoll Council Symposium

September 05, 2019

The “2nd symposium on Huvadhu Atoll”  by Huvadhoo Atoll Council commenced today in GA. Dhaandhoo. The three-day event was inaugurated by President of Civil Service Commission Dr. Aly Shameem. Representatives of 9 island councils from Huvadhoo Atoll attended at the symposium to promote healthy working relationship between civil servants and the government.
The purpose of the event is to identify obstacles and to strengthen the relationship between Civil Service and government officials. Along with Dr. Aly Shameem, Member of CSC, Ms. Fathimath Amira also participated in the symposium. Speaking in the symposium, Dr. Aly Shameem emphasized on how important it is  for every civil servant to take the charge on educating themselves and learn new skills for self-development.  He also mentioned that it is the responsibility of every civil to come up with innovative ideas in the work environment.
The symposium is held from September 5th to 7th in GA. Dhaandhoo.

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